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Open Web App Bootstrap

The Open Web App Bootstrap is a fork of html5boilerplate that is heavily customized for Open Web Apps.

What is an Open Web App?

An Open Web App is an app built with web technologies that can be installed on any modern standards-compliant device. It's really as simple as a website with metadata. This metdata allows the user to discover, install, launch, and grant it additional privileges.

What you get:

In fact, anything in here is optional, so feel free to hack it up however you like. It's just a good starting point.


volo is a helpful tool which provides several commands to perform various activities for your apps, such as minimizing assets, deploying into the app store, and testing.

If you haven't installed volo yet, you need to so that you can invoke volo commands:

npm install -g volo


You can use volo to deploy your app to github. Simply build the app like so:
$ volo build
And then run the ghdeploy command:
$ volo ghdeploy
Your app will be available at the "<name><project>" URL.

You must always run build for ghdeploy to deploy changes.

We will add commands in the future to deploy straight to the Mozilla marketplace.

Until then, you can head over to the marketplace and submit your app!